Sudesha School

Our Beliefs

Every child has unique potential. The purpose of Sudesha School's education is to develop young people who can prosper in a modern, globalised world, a purpose that can only be realised through the daily work of teachers and school leaders. The role of the system is to help develop a culture of continuous improvement in schools that provides teachers and leaders with opportunities to participate in high quality professional learning.
Learning varies as per the intelligences and Sudesha is always committed to facilitate the students with materials in sufficient to cover all types of learners. We strongly believe in multiple intelligence of students.
Students prior experience and knowledge have to be dug out so that learning style can get identified and overall training can be manipulated.
Demonstration and active participation in study can engage the students throughout the learning processes, so, the activities like questions answer, solve problems, make connection, draw conclusions, articulate own ideas etc. are frequently to be exercised in the class.
Education is enhanced through respectful, open and supportive relationship between students and teachers. Students are encouraged to be creative and to share their ideas and feelings.